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About HCM Cigar Beads

HCM beads control humidity by establishing an equilibrium in your humidor's closed environment. The beads are preset to 65% RH and are designed to maintain equilibrium. The key point here is that your humidor must seal well (i.e., be a closed environment).

If your humidor leaks, all is not lost! There are things you can do with weather-stripping, silicone caulking, and other materials to seal your humidor. If your humidor is air-tight then you are good to go, and the beads will keep your RH at a rock-solid 65%!

The Beginning

Scott Shilala invented the HCM beads over a period of months and began selling them in late 2008. Since their inception the HCM beads have proven to be a big hit with cigar enthusiasts.

How Much Do You Need?

  • Generally you use 8 oz of HCM beads per 2.5 cubic feed of humidor volume. Most people use double this amount to be safe.
  • Calculate your bead requirements:

Using Your Beads

The following page contains the instructions for using and caring for your beads: Using Your Beads